NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Trades even more likely to happen after draft lottery results

There are six offseason trades that might've become more likely after the somewhat shocking NBA Draft Lottery results.
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Zach LaVine could find a new home

The Chicago Bulls may not have moved up or down the draft board at the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery but that doesn't mean the results won't impact them. After what transpired at the draft lottery, I believe it's safe to say that the likelihood that Zach LaVine will be traded at some point this offseason grew even more. There are likely going to be a handful of teams disappointed by the draft lottery results that could emerge as potential landing spots for LaVine either at the NBA Draft or during the offseason.

The Detroit Pistons are truly the one team to watch on the LaVine front. After falling outside the top 4, this is a team that could be desperate enough to make a bold move for the disgruntled star. Considering they were considered the "favorites" to land LaVine at one point before he was taken off the trade block because of a season-ending injury, they're certainly a team that can circle back around this summer.

The Bulls may have inched closer to finally parting ways with LaVine and it may have little to do with picking No. 11 overall in the 2024 NBA Draft.