NBA Trade Rumors: 8 Big names that will drive the offseason trade market

Predicting the eight big names that will end up driving the NBA offseason trade market.

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Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors

When the Toronto Raptors received Bruce Brown as part of the Pascal Siakam trade package from the Indiana Pacers, there was a belief around the league that the Raptors would flip him before this past year's NBA Trade Deadline. However, the market didn't exactly play out as the Raptors thought it would and decided to keep him on the roster for the remainder of the season. With a valuable team option heading into the offseason, I'd imagine the Raptors are going to accept the option and look to trade him before next year's trade deadline.

Brown is a good player on an affordable expiring deal that will provide much value on the open market. He doesn't fit the timeline of the Raptors and would probably be a greater asset on another team.

I'd imagine the Raptors are going to strive to trade Brown during the offseason. However, knowing how Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri operates, it wouldn't be surprising if they took this ordeal into next year's NBA Trade Deadline season.