NBA Trade Rumors: 8 Fatally flawed playoff teams that need roster upgrade at deadline

There are a few playoff-bound teams that badly need to alter their flawed roster ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
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Los Angeles Lakers

Something is clearly off with the Los Angeles Lakers. For as much talent as they have on their roster, they should be better than a 19-19 team at this point in the regular season. If the season ended today, the Lakers would once again have to play their way into the postseason. This time around, I wouldn't love their chances of making another run back to the conference finals. The Western Conference is deeper and a lot more populated near the top.

While the Lakers would have the talent to compete against any team in a seven-game series, I can't imagine they'd be favored against any West team at this point in a playoff series. Of course, that all changes if they're able to make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline. At roughly the midway point of the season, you can make the argument that the Lakers almost need to make a move at the deadline to salvage their season.

Less than a month away from the trade deadline, I'm fairly confident the Lakers end up making a move. The big question is whether they're going to make the right move that gives them the best chance to save their season.