NBA Trade Rumors: 8 Under-the-radar needle-movers to monitor ahead of trade deadline

There are several non-big names that could be huge needle movers at the NBA Trade Deadline.
Brooklyn Nets v New Orleans Pelicans
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Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs

Doug McDermott is far from the first player you think of when drawing up names of potential difference-makers ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline that could be moved but in the right system and situation, you can make the argument that McDermott could play a vital role off the bench for a contender down the stretch.

Accounting for sample size, there have been very few players in the NBA that have been better 3-point shooters than McDermott this season. McDermott is averaging six points on 46 percent shooting from 3-point range this year. Even though he's only averaging 15 minutes per game, he's proven he can play a vital role on the perimeter for a team. At the trade deadline, it could be time for him to get back on a contender.

You can make the argument that every contender in the league should be in the market for additional shooting ahead of the trade deadline. And if that is indeed the case, there should be a number of teams interested in the possibility of landing McDermott.