NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks still eyeing bold move for familiar superstar target

The Atlanta Hawks are still eyeing a move for superstar.

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Atlanta Hawks continue to eye a move for bold superstar target.

The Atlanta Hawks have one of the most talented, yet underwhelming, rosters in the Eastern Conference. And if they continue to linger in mediocrity, it's only going to force their hand to make some big changes.

But the Hawks could already have their eye on a possible big move. In an attempt to make a big splash in acquiring another star to play next to Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, the team is still very much interested in the idea of trading for Pascal Siakam as we inch closer and closer to the NBA Trade Deadline.

The question is, has anything changed over the last few months?

According to a recent report, the Hawks are very much still monitoring the potential availability of Siakam. The Hawks' interest in Siakam has stemmed from this past offseason before the Raptors ultimately decided not to trade the All-Star forward.

At least from the Hawks' perspective, the hope is that the Raptors are finally ready to part ways with Siakam. On a certain level, it does make sense. If Toronto isn't willing to pay Siakam the big money extension that he's likely going to pursue during the offseason, it's probably in their best interest to strike a deal before the NBA Trade Deadline.

Trading Pascal Siakam may not be a simple decision for the Toronto Raptors

However, that could be easier said than done. Trading Siakam would effectively mean the Raptors taking somewhat of a step back. Even though it beats the Raptors losing Siakam for nothing, there's no guarantee that trading Siakam is a better option than re-signing him.

On one hand, the Raptors likely aren't going to be able to compete for a championship with this current core and the last couple of seasons have been a great example of that. However, on the other hand, if the Raptors truly believe in Scottie Barnes and his continued development, perhaps they believe competing for a title isn't that far off after all.

Either way, it's clear that the Raptors have some big decisions to make before the NBA Trade Deadline. And, quite frankly, there's no guarantee how they're going to approach the next couple of months leading up to the deadline.

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But, make no mistake, the Hawks will be waiting while keeping a close eye on the situation that surrounds Toronto and Siakam.