NBA Trade Rumors: Best landing spot for 19 most rumored trade deadline candidates

Exploring the best possible landing spots for the most rumored NBA Trade Deadline candidates.
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Malcolm Brogdon

Best landing spot: Los Angeles Lakers

From a basketball standpoint, the place where Malcolm Brogdon could thrive the most is with the Los Angeles Lakers. Brogdon fills a lot of what the Lakers need and playing next to two star-level players such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis is exactly the type of role that we've seen Brogdon thrive in the past. We saw it with the Milwaukee Bucks before they eventually traded him and then again during his stint with the Boston Celtics.

At this point in his career, Brogdon would be best suited to playing a third or fourth role for a championship contender. Whether you believe the Lakers have enough supporting parts to emerge as a real contender or not remains to be seen. However, if they qualify as such, Brogdon could be that ideal third piece that the Lakers have been missing.

Brogdon has had an underrated season this year with the Portland Trail Blazers. But he desperately needs to find a way to get back on a contender. The Lakers are the more desperate team that makes the most sense for him heading into the trade deadline.