NBA Trade Rumors: Best landing spot for 19 most rumored trade deadline candidates

Exploring the best possible landing spots for the most rumored NBA Trade Deadline candidates.
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Tim Hardaway Jr.

Best landing spot: Houston Rockets

With just one more year remaining on his contract after this season, there's a chance that the Dallas Mavericks look to trade Tim Hardaway Jr. ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. In fact, if the Mavs do end up making any substantial move, it will largely come at the expense of Hardaway. In what has become a solid season for the veteran wing, perhaps a team like the Houston Rockets could emerge as an ideal landing spot for him.

It's clear that the Rockets want to make the playoffs this season. They may need one more veteran acquisition to solidify that possibility. With Jalen Green's struggles this season, perhaps the Rockets would be willing to add a shooting guard that could help stabilize the backcourt scoring. Hardaway is not a perfect two-way player by any means, but he could offer up some help in scoring off the bench for Houston.

Hardaway could emerge as a vital piece for the Rockets making that final push toward the postseason and could perhaps carve out a new home as a veteran stopgap until their young players reach their ceiling.