NBA Trade Rumors: Best landing spot for 19 most rumored trade deadline candidates

Exploring the best possible landing spots for the most rumored NBA Trade Deadline candidates.
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Collin Sexton

Best landing spot: Orlando Magic

The way Collin Sexton's career has shifted since he was traded to the Utah Jazz was not expected. During his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sexton appeared to be a rising star in the league. Then, everything shifted. Sexton suffered a knee injury and then was traded the following year. He hasn't looked the same with the Jazz and it's hard to predict whether that's due to the fact that he's lost something since his injury or if that has more to do with the situation that he finds himself in with Utah.

Either way, a change of scenery seems like the best course of action moving forward for both Sexton and the Jazz. I'd offer up the Orlando Magic as the best possible landing spot for Sexton. The Magic have a clear need in the backcourt and Sexton is still only 25 years old. He's young enough that he could continue developing alongside the young Magic.

And if Sexton still does have that next gear in him, the Magic have the supporting cast where he could potentially find that. Orlando is further along than Utah is in their rebuilding journey and could help get Sexton back on the right track.