NBA Trade Rumors: Best landing spot for 19 most rumored trade deadline candidates

Exploring the best possible landing spots for the most rumored NBA Trade Deadline candidates.
Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers
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Alex Caruso

Best landing spot: New York Knicks

If the Chicago Bulls do end up leaning toward a complete rebuild, Alex Caruso could be one of the most sought-after trade candidates. If he does end up being shopped, nearly every contender will be interested in his services. However, the one team that I believe Caruso could make the most sense for and the team that could be the best landing spot is the New York Knicks. After trading Immanuel Quickley, the Knicks have a clear need for the backup point guard position.

They could also greatly benefit from a defensive-minded guard that could play opposite of Jalen Brunson. If the Knicks wanted, they could shift Donte DiVincenzo back to a reserve role and start Caruso. He could then thrive on the defensive end next to Brunson and help with their point-of-attack defense.

Caruso is one of those players who does all the little things to help a championship team. He's one of those glue guys that every contender needs to have on its roster. After making the big move for OG Anunoby, Caruso could be the player the Knicks need to bring it all together. And, equally, the Knicks could be a great spot for Caruso.