NBA Trade Rumors: Best landing spot for 19 most rumored trade deadline candidates

Exploring the best possible landing spots for the most rumored NBA Trade Deadline candidates.
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Pascal Siakam

Best landing spot: Golden State Warriors

At this point, the Toronto Raptors are almost in a situation where they have to trade Pascal Siakam. It would be pretty foolish of them to trade OG Anunoby (likely the better fit next to Scottie Barnes) only to keep Pascal Siakam in hopes that he would re-sign heading into the offseason. Especially considering that it's been made pretty clear that he wants complete flexibility and power heading into the offseason as he prepares to test free agency.

Nevertheless, looking at the landscape of the league, the Golden State Warriors might be the best possible landing spot for Siakam. Just think of it; he could be the star player that extends this team's dynasty and could solve a lot of their issues when it comes to the lack of a consistent supporting star player next to Stephen Curry.

Curry would be an excellent superstar for Siakam to play next to and would help take a ton of pressure off his game. Siakam is best suited as a No. 2 or No. 3. With the Warriors, he'd be able to play that role right now.