NBA Trade Rumors: Big name considered 'realistic' deadline target for Milwaukee Bucks

Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, the Milwaukee Bucks have their eye on who they believe could be the final piece of their championship puzzle.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks
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NBA Trade Rumors: There's one big name that is considered a "realistic" option for the Milwaukee Bucks heading into the NBA Trade Deadline.

The Milwaukee Bucks' record through the first half of the season may look good but there were some clear issues behind the scenes. That much became clear when it was announced that the team had parted ways with first-year head coach Adrian Griffin. Veteran NBA head coach Doc Rivers is set to replace Griffin and the hope is that he could help ignite the team heading into the second half of the season.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Bucks will have another opportunity to jumpstart the team. A big move at the NBA Trade Deadline could go a long way in ensuring the Bucks' spot as a legitimate championship contender. Two players that are reportedly on the Bucks' radar are Dejounte Murray and Bruce Brown.

Per Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports, Brown is the big name that is a "much stronger" possibility for the Bucks heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. Fischer also notes that the asking price for Brown is one future first-round pick, which is an asking price that Milwaukee should be able to meet ahead of the deadline.

Pulling off a big move won't be easy for the Milwaukee Bucks

Ultimately, though, whether the Bucks end up pulling off a big move at the trade deadline will likely come down to how the trade market continues to develop for some of the bigger names - including Brown.

In a vacuum, the Bucks could theoretically find a future pick to send to Toronto. It may be a costly move but Milwaukee could likely get there. The question is, how all-in does the Bucks want to go in order to land Brown?

If Milwaukee truly feels Brown is the missing piece, perhaps this is a move that they do end up pushing all the chips to the center of the table for. Even then, there could be another team with more assets that beat out any offer the Bucks can seed together.

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At this point, the Bucks are clearly going to attempt to do something big. Considering how close they are to winning a title and the moves that they already made this past offseason, it would be shocking if the Bucks didn't at least explore another addition. In the end, Brown could be part of those plans. And if the Bucks were to land Brown, it would qualify as arguably the biggest addition at the trade deadline.