NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls still planning on trading Zach LaVine during the offseason

Heading into the offseason, the Chicago Bulls still very much plan on trading Zach LaVine.
Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Chicago Bulls are still hoping they can trade Zach LaVine once he fully recovers from injury, ideally at some point during the offseason.

One of the bigger storylines that drove talking points at the beginning of the 2023-24 NBA season revolved around the Chicago Bulls shopping Zach LaVine on the trade market. In the end, for many different reasons, the Bulls didn't end up moving LaVine ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Part of that was the reported lack of strong trade interest with another having to do with the season-ending injury that he suffered.

Either way, with LaVine still on the Bulls roster heading into the offseason, there are still big questions that the team will need to answer about their future. LaVine is still likely at the center of them all. At least for now, there's a recent report that suggests the Bull still intends on trading LaVine if they had their way this summer.

This report shouldn't exactly come as a big surprise but I think the timeline will prove to be interesting on a potential LaVine trade. Ideally, if the Bulls are going to pivot toward a retooling or rebuild, the Bulls almost have to trade LaVine before the heart of the offseason. That means either trading LaVine, before, during, or shortly after the NBA Draft - and certainly before the start of free agency.

The Bulls can't afford to enter the season in the exact scenario in which they found themselves this past season. Chicago being in limbo regarding the LaVine situation would be a nightmarish scenario for the team.

What could keep the Chicago Bulls from trading Zach LaVine

The big question for the Bulls is whether they're willing to settle or not in a potential deal of LaVine. Because if the Bulls aren't to accept a deal they deem isn't worthy, then perhaps we should start preparing for another season of "will they or won't they" from the Bulls as if pertains to trading LaVine.

One thing that became abundantly clear for the Bulls this season, especially if all the reporting surrounding the LaVine situation was accurate, is that if a deal is going to be had, it's probably not going to be one that is going to be viewed as a net-negative. At this point, LaVine is not a positive asset on the open market and the Bulls need to realize that.

But if the Bulls genuinely want to trade LaVine and do so as quickly as possible, there is likely a path toward getting something done.

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