NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs will be 'forced' to trade Donovan Mitchell this summer?

The Cleveland Cavaliers could be on the verge of being forced to trade Donovan Mitchell this summer.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls
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NBA Trade Rumors: There's a potential scenario this summer in which the Cleveland Cavaliers are 'forced' to trade Donovan Mitchell.

Ever since Donovan Mitchell was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there have been many across the league that has been waiting for the 2024 NBA offseason. They've circled it in their calendar as perhaps the moment that Mitchell would hit the NBA trade block once again. But before that happens, there are certainly other shoes that need to drop. But, at this point, it's not that outlandish of a possibility.

The offseason is nearly here and the whispers continue to point to the possibility of Mitchell being available via trade.

According to Marc Stein, there's a growing belief around the league that the Cavs will be forced to trade Mitchell at some point in the next few months if the two sides aren't able to agree to a contract extension.

With one year remaining on his contract after next season, this is the offseason in which the Cavs almost have to sign Mitchell to an extension before its sweating time. With the way he's handled the last few years of his career, it's clear that Mitchell isn't the type of player who's going to come out and demand a trade. If that were the case, he would've done so a few years ago when he was still with the Utah Jazz. That didn't happen, not even when he was traded to a place (Cleveland) that was on his original preferred destination list after it became clear the Jazz were going to trade him.

Nevertheless, he showed up to Cleveland and has been professional every step of the way. He's become the face of the franchise and has led the team back to relevance for the first time since LeBron James was still a part of the organization.

Donovan Mitchell won't officially demand a trade

Even if Mitchell has already made up his mind about leaving Cleveland, I have a hard time envisioning that becoming public. The way he may do that is by refusing to sign an extension. At that point, the Cavs would have to make a decision. And according to many around the league, the Cavs may not have any other option than to trade Mitchell before next year's NBA Trade Deadline.

The big question is, how will this offseason all unravel for the Cavs? It will surely be interesting to watch unfold and nearly every team around the league will be keeping a close eye on the entire situation.

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