NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks to lean into full rebuild by trading Clint Capela?

There are more signs that the Atlanta Hawks could be preparing to pivot into a full rebuild.
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Play-In Tournament
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Atlanta Hawks could be prepared to lean into a full rebuild this offseason by trading Clint Capela.

One of the teams that many are assuming will make big changes to their roster this offseason is the Atlanta Hawks. Even more so after winning the NBA Draft Lottery and being awarded the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, there's an overwhelming belief that the Hawks could end up. pivoting into a full rebuild this summer. If the Hawks wanted to pursue such a move, it seems that this would be the ideal offseason to make it happen.

And whispers surrounding a potential trade of Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, or even both, only magnify that narrative. Ultimately, we don't know exactly what the Hawks will do this offseason but it sure seems as if changes are on the horizon.

According to a recent report by Marc Stein, the offseason changes that could be on the horizon for the Hawks can extend just a Young or Murray trade. Clint Capela is another veteran Hawk that could find himself on the trade block this summer.

Coming off a season in which he averaged 12 points and 11 rebounds on 57 percent shooting from the field, Capela could still be viewed as a valuable summer trade target.

Clint Capela could be an appealing trade target for many veteran teams

Capela may no longer be in the prime of his career but still at just 30 years old, there's no question he could play a big role for a team as a defensive anchor and rim runner. Finding the right situation could go a long way in how the rest of his career evolves. But at least from the outside looking in, it doesn't appear as if he holds much remaining value for a team like the Hawks.

Especially as it's looking more and more as if Atlanta is going to continue to pivot toward a rebuild, or at least a retooling of the roster.

Either way, it seems as if the Hawks are in a great spot heading into the offseason. What they have to do right now is figure out if they want to keep this core intact and just add to it or whether this is indeed the right moment for a rebuilding of the roster.

The Hawks have the ingredients where either way, they could probably make it work.

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