NBA Trade Rumors: Hot trade block name is on the verge of being moved?

Another big trade couold be on the verge of happening in the NBA.
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
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NBA Trade Rumors: A hot NBA trade block name is reportedly on the verge of being moved.

Heading into the start of the NBA offseason, there was a growing belief that Brandon Ingram had played his final game in a New Orleans Pelicans uniform. That sentiment has only grown over the last few weeks. Even though the Pelicans made a big move for Dejounte Murray, there's still a reported gap between Ingram and the team regarding a potential contract extension.

And instead of the two sides finding a happy middle ground, it's looking more and more as if Ingram could be on the move. According to seasoned NBA reporter Marc Stein, the Pelicans have "intensified" their attempts to trade Ingram. In short, it appears as if both the Pelicans and Ingram have resigned to the fact that a trade is forthcoming.

The question is, will it happen before the start of the NBA season and where will Ingram land? In theory, you'd have to imagine that the Pelicans would like to trade Ingram before the start of the season to get the most value out of him. At the same time, that could prove to be difficult considering the timing of it all.

What landing spots could be in play for Brandon Ingram?

Of the teams that haven't made a big move so far this offseason, a few that would be theoretically interested in acquiring Ingram are the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, and Houston Rockets. However, much of Ingram's trade market will depend on what the asking price will be.

Considering what the price has been recently for star players on the trade market has been, you'd have to assume that the initial demand from the Pelicans will start with two future first-round picks. Whether any of those teams would be willing to meet that asking price could ultimately dictate when and if Ingram is traded this offseason.

One thing is sure, though, and it's that Ingram may have played his last game in New Orleans. As was speculated at the start of the offseason, it sure seems as if Ingram is going to be traded at some point soon. It will be increasingly interesting to see which team steps up to the plate to acquire the talented 26-year-old offensively gifted wing.

As free agency begins to die down, Ingram could be the next big name on the move.

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