NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers eyeing move for two wing difference-makers

The Indiana Pacers are increasing their efforts to find a difference-making wing.
Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Indiana Pacers are eyeing a move for two wing difference-makers on the Golden State Warriors roster.

As one of the bigger surprises in the Eastern Conference this season, the Indiana Pacers have been one of the best stories in the NBA this season. Led by their high-octane offense, the Pacers have emerged as one of the most exciting teams to watch. Tyrese Haliburton should be an MVP candidate as he has the Pacers with the fourth-best record in the East and heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, this is a team that is clearly going to be a buyer in an attempt to gather some momentum heading into the push toward the playoffs.

Whether or not the Pacers find the right piece that could potentially help them take another step forward remains to be seen. However, there's no question that they're going to explore the market and try to find a deal that makes sense - not only for the remainder of this season but also heading into the future.

According to Yahoo! Sports NBA insider Jake Fischer, both Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga are players that have been on the Pacers' radar of late. They're keeping tabs on both as we inch closer and closer to the trade deadline. The question is, what exactly would the Pacers offer as fair compensation to the Golden State Warriors that isn't in the way of draft compensation?

What could the Indiana Pacers offer to the Golden State Warriors in a potential deal?

It's hard to imagine what the Pacers could offer that didn't include Myles Turner. I'd argue that Turner would be an ideal return for the Warriors. However, I'm not sure the Pacers are willing to move on from Turner, especially if they're set on making a serious push toward the postseason.

Nevertheless, it could be something to monitor. If the Pacers come around and believe that the swap would be worth it in the long run, perhaps it's something they explore. At least for now, I can't imagine the Pacers parting ways with Turner.

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Both the Warriors and Pacers are expected to be aggressive heading into the trade deadline. However, both seem to be buyers at this point. Quite frankly, it's tough to see how these two teams find a path toward a deal that would make sense for both as teams that want to improve their roster heading into the second half of the season.