NBA Trade Rumors: Insider proposes intriguing deal that would fix the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors may need to shake up their roster to emerge as a legit championship contender.

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NBA Trade Rumors: An NBA insider presents an intriguing trade idea that could perhaps solve the Golden State Warriors early-season issues.

The Golden State Warriors have been as inconsistent this season as they were for the majority of the regular season last year. Considering that they haven't had to battle as many injuries as they did last season, this underwhelming start to the year has to be considered concerning.

At the very least, it should indicate that perhaps the Warriors are no longer the no-brainer title contender that perhaps some are penciling them in even despite their unappealing start to the season. There's a very real possibility that the Warriors need to make a splash trade at the NBA Trade Deadline to have any shot to compete with the likes of the Phoenix Suns (once they get healthy) and Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference.

Assuming that is the case, it should make for an aggressive front office heading into the trade deadline. The question is, can they find the right difference-maker that will completely alter the ceiling for the Warriors during the second half of the season?

If you ask one NBA insider, Bill Simmons of The Ringer, he seems to think yes. In a recent episode of his podcast, The Bill Simmons Podcast, he proposed a trade that could help solve the Warriors' early-season woes.

Trade idea Siakam

Simmons suggests that the Warriors could explore a deal with the Toronto Raptors that would center around the framework of a Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins swap for Pascal Siakam. Of course, you'd have to imagine that the Warriors would probably have to throw in a first-round pick or more to make it work, but it's certainly an interesting idea if nothing else.

Is there any chance of this trade happening?

If there's any chance that the Raptors would be interested in such a deal, there are a few things that would have to happen first.

For one, the Raptors would have to get to a place where they're finally ready to pull the trigger on a Siakam trade. For now, that doesn't appear to be the case. But, again, it's not outlandish for the Raptors to get to that place between now and the trade deadline.

Secondly, Siakam would have to be open to signing an extension with the Warriors. Third, the Warriors would wnat to extend Siakam at a close to max number.

And finally, the Raptors would have to be sold on Wiggins as a player that could bounce back from this slow start to the season. At least part of the Warriors' struggles this season have been because of Wiggins' inconsistency. Toronto would have to believe he can turn it around again.

For the Warriors, Siakam does solve a lot of issues they have in the frontcourt and would take tremendous pressure off of Draymond Green defensively and add a legit secondary scoring option (in his prime) next to Stephen Curry.

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This could just be a fantasy trade idea for now but is something to keep an eye on if the dominoes begin to fall into place for both the Warriors and Raptors.