NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers eyeing unique candidates to upgrade point guard position?

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking at their potential options to upgrade their point guard position.
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers could be looking at unique candidates as they explore options to upgrade the point guard position ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

With just a few weeks before the NBA Trade Deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers are one team that will have to make some big decisions about not only their roster heading into the second half of the season but also their not-so-distant future.

Of most importance for the Lakers is figuring out how to get the most out of their roster this season. A lost season is not something this front office wants and it's looking more and more like what this core is going to give them. Unless, of course, the Lakers are able to make a season-saving move or two at the trade deadline (similar to what they pulled off last season).

But a big move for Zach LaVine or Dejounte Murray, which the Lakers have been linked to, may not be on the horizon. In fact, according to a recent report, two smaller names - Tyus Jones and Collin Sexton - have been linked to the Lakers recently.

The Los Angeles Lakers will avoid making the big move at the NBA Trade Deadline?

This is an interesting trade rumor that could tell us a lot about how the Lakers may end up approaching the trade deadline. If they were to make a smaller move for Sexton or Jones, or perhaps even for a player that hasn't been linked to the Lakers just yet, that would indicate that they're not going to make the big play for a Murray or LaVine.

That means the Lakers would be banking a whole lot of their second half of the season on in-house improvement, along with a small addition or two at the trade deadline. That could prove to be a bold decision considering the Lakers have been pretty mediocre through the first half of this season.

At the midway point of the regular season, the Lakers are 21-21 and ranked 10th in the Western Conference standings. To suggest that this team doesn't need to make a big move at the deadline would be a pretty bold statement. But if the Lakers do believe that they're just a small move away from finding a groove, I suppose we'll all just take a wait-and-see approach and hope it all works out for them.

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Though to be perfectly honest, I'd have my hesitations in believing the Lakers are going to be able to emerge as a contender in the Western Conference without making a sizable move at the trade deadline.