NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers to take patient approach into the trade deadline

The Los Angeles Lakers are not pushing for any trades at the moment.
2023 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers are not in any hurry to make a big trade right now, but will that change as the NBA Trade Deadline draws near?

Just two games out of the third seed in the Western Conference roughly one-quarter through the NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers are content with where they are as a team. The Lakers haven't completely hit their stride or peaked so far this season and the hope is that will happen closer to the push toward the playoffs.

However, even though the Lakers have yet to hit their ceiling, you can still make the argument that the Lakers are still going to be a difference-making move away from being a true contender next to the likes of the Denver Nuggets and perhaps the Phoenix Suns. Even at their best, I'm not sure they have enough firepower to keep pace with any of those two teams.

So it's no surprise when there's somewhat of an expectation that the Lakers are going to need to make a move at the NBA Trade Deadline if they want to settle in as a championship contender in the Wester nConference. The question is, how aggressive will the Lakers be over the next couple of months heading into the deadline?

The answer to that question may be complicated and will need more time to pass before it's answered. According to a recent report, at least for now, the Lakers' approach to the trade deadline is expected to be a patient one.

Instead of being full-on aggressive right now, the Lakers are taking a wait-and-see approach to the deadline while keeping an eye on what type of market may develop over the next few weeks.

The Los Angeles Lakers will almost certainly make an NBA Trade Deadline move

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that the Lakers are going to play it slow until the deadline. Los Angeles shouldn't feel the need to be desperate right now. They're keeping pace, for the most part, with the top of the conference.

And only will need to make a trade as an attempt to put themselves over the top. That's the approach the Lakers should be taking. That said, it would be fairly surprising if the Lakers didn't make a move at the deadline.

That's going to be the wide expectation across the league. With the way the roster is constructed, the Lakers are built to win now and don't have the luxury of waiting out another season to do so. Making a move at the deadline is going to get this team the best chance to make another effort to make another ring with LeBron James.

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The Lakers may be patient now but as we inch closer to the trade deadline, I'd have to imagine that will begin to change.