NBA Trade Rumors: Mocking a plausible Zach LaVine deal to each interested team

Finding a realistic trade for Zach LaVine could prove to be a tall task.
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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NBA Trade Rumors: Outlining mock Zach LaVine deals to each of the teams that have shown at least some interest.

It's no surprise that just a couple of months before the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline, one of the Chicago Bulls' biggest priorities will be to trade Zach LaVine. At this point, that's the worst-kept secret in the NBA. LaVine is one of the most likely big-name trade candidates and it would be surprising if he wasn't moved by the deadline.

Figuring out how that trade will go down could be one of the biggest mysteries of the trade deadline. In an attempt to try to figure out a possible path to a deal, we mock one plausible LaVine trade to every team that has been linked to him recently.

5 mock trades for Zach LaVine

Kings LaVine trade

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings may not be the first team that comes to mind when thinking about a potential landing spot for LaVine but a recent report seemed to hint that they could be involved in potential trade talks. To a certain extent, LaVine on the Kings would make sense. The Kings have a need for a secondary scoring option next to De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis and, playing with a chip on his shoulder, LaVine could be a good fit.

Finding the right deal could be difficult for the Kings. They would likely need to include the contracts of Kevin Huerter, Malik Monk, and Trey Lyles to get there. All three of these players are contributors to the Kings at the moment and could help retool the Bulls. Sacramento could also throw in a first-round pick to hammer home the offer.

This is a deal that Chicago, depending on the rest of the market. could be interested in accepting. At this point, a first-round pick has to be the considered starting point for LaVine.