NBA Trade Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers eyeing 2 prolific wings ahead of trade deadline

The Philadelphia 76ers could still be eyeing a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline despite the recent injury to Joel Embiid.
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NBA Trade Rumors: Even despite the injury to Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers are eyeing a move for a prolific offensive-minded wing.

At one point this season, it appeared as though the Philadelphia 76ers would be a real problem in the Eastern Conference playoffs. However, one injury to Joel Embiid may have completely tanked their season.

However, with just a couple of days remaining before the NBA Trade Deadline, the whispers around the team don't seem to indicate that completely.

According to a recent report, the Sixers could be eyeing a move for an offensive-minded wing ahead of the trade deadline. Two names that Philadelphia could have their eye on are Buddy Hield and Bojan Bogdanovic. Both players could be moved ahead of the February 8 trade deadline. At the same time, there hasn't been much traction on possible moves for either player of yet.

The Sixers could change that. If Philly is willing to part ways with a future first-round pick, you'd have to imagine that the odds of a deal getting done are high. At the same time, the Sixers have plenty of issues to sort out on their end.

How will the Philadelphia 76ers operate at the NBA Trade Deadline?

The biggest question the Sixers must answer is whether they want to be that aggressive at the deadline even though there's at least a chance that Embiid won't be able to return this season. With how things are currently trending, the best-case scenario is that Embiid returns in April. At that point, do the Sixers want to bring him back that late in the season? It's a fair question to ask.

That's where making a move for a player like Hield or Bogdanovic becomes risky. If Philly wanted, they could wait until the offseason to pull the trigger on a difference-making wing. However, at the same time, waiting to make a big move would essentially be punting on this season. I'm not sure if that's something they want to do either.

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The Sixers are in a difficult situation. They have some big questions to answer. At this point, it's impossible to predict what they end up doing. One thing is for sure, however, and it's the fact that they can't be overlooked as a team that could make a big move at the deadline. Keep an eye on the Sixers. And if they do end up making a move, perhaps that should signal that the Sixers fully expect Embiid back at some point this season.