NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 12 stars most likely to be moved in the next trade season

What will the next trade season look like in the NBA? We try to paint a picture of it before the offseason arrives.

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Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors

Landing with the Toronto Raptors as part of the Pascal Siakam deal before the NBA Trade Deadline, there was a strong belief that Bruce Brown was going to be moved again. In the end, the Raptors elected to retain Brown and keep him on the roster. With a team option for next season, you'd have to imagine that the Raptors are going to exercise the team option and bring him back for next year. After they do that, they could then trade him on the open market. That has to be what the Raptors are planning on doing.

For as valuable of a player as Brown could be, I'm not sure he holds a ton of value to the Raptors. After pivoting toward a retooling of the roster around Scottie Barnes, the Raptors may be a few years away from emerging as a legit playoff threat in the East. That's why a trade of Brown, who will be in the final year of his contract, is what makes the most sense.

Should the Raptors make him available, the 27-year-old guard should have plenty of interest on the trade market.