NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 5 Stars Miami Heat will be 'in the mix' for this summer

The Miami Heat will be star hunting once again this summer. Who could they potentially target?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Donovan Mitchell

In a vacuum, Donovan Mitchell has to represent the ideal trade target for the Miami Heat heading into the offseason. In an ideal world, Mitchell would be the perfect star player for the Heat to pair alongside Bam Adebayo this summer. They’re around the same age and in the same championship timeline, and they do have a prior relationship with each other.

Mitchell joining Bam in Miami wouldn't be LeBron James and Dwyane Wade teaming up in 2010, but it could rival it. If the Heat were to acquire Mitchell, it would completely change the immediate and long-term outlook for the Heat. The excitement around this franchise would be through the roof and they would instantly emerge as one of the favorites to not only win the Eastern Conference next season but also to win the 2025 NBA Championship.

However, there are big questions standing in the way of this possibility. Will Donovan Mitchell sign an extension this summer? If not, how will the Cleveland Cavaliers handle that? Will that prompt a trade and/or an all-out bidding war? How would the Heat fall in all that?

Despite the flurry of questions, the fact that this possibility isn't entirely off the table has to be encouraging for the Heat heading into the offseason. The question is, can they get a deal done if all the shoes drop in their favor?

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