NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 5 Teams most likely to land Zach LaVine this offseason

The Chicago Bulls appear primed to trade Zach LaVine heading into the NBA offseason.
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
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Utah Jazz

It's already reported that the Utah Jazz intend on being aggressive heading into the NBA offseason. However, even though this may be the thought process heading into the summer, I'm not exactly sure what moves are going to be available for the Jazz to make that would significantly upgrade their roster. Aside from the ones that revolve around taking a huge gamble on a player whose value has tanked. And that's why Zach LaVine could make sense for the Jazz.

Utah took a similar flier on a player whose value had tanked last summer in John Collins. Even though that situation didn't end up working out for Utah, there's hope that this could end up working differently this time around. LaVine is not the player right now that Collins was last year. For as much as bad as LaVine's reputation is at the moment, he's still a good player and is just 29 years old.

At this point in his career, LaVine could benefit from a change of scenery. And playing next to Lauri Makkanen could also help take some of the pressure off him as he prepares for this next stage of his career. On paper, a LaVine trade to the Jazz could make a ton of sense.