NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 5 Teams most likely to land Zach LaVine this offseason

The Chicago Bulls appear primed to trade Zach LaVine heading into the NBA offseason.
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
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Sacramento Kings

After taking a bit of a step back this past season, the Sacramento Kings almost have to make some sort of roster upgrade this offseason. The duo of De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis has proven only to be good enough to take the Kings to a certain height in the Western Conference. Looking to take another step forward this upcoming season, a move for Zach LaVine can't completely be off the table for the team.

Looking at the landscape of what moves could be available for Sacramento this offseason, LaVine could represent one of the few realistic chances that the Kings could have to tangibly upgrade their roster this summer.

Ultimately, the Kings may have to decide if a LaVine acquisition is an upgrade over Kevin Huerter and Harrison Barnes (two players that would likely have to be included in a deal). If the answer to that question is, yes, then perhaps it would make sense for Sacramento to make this type of swap this offseason.