NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 9 trades that would create absolute madness this summer

How chaotic can the 2024 NBA offseason get? Well, these 9 trades would spark absolute mayhem across the league.
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The Detroit Pistons trade for Zach LaVine

Before the NBA Trade Deadline, there were whispers that the Detroit Pistons were emerging as one of the favorites to land Zach LaVine via trade. In the end, the Chicago Bulls elected to pull the plug on such trade whispers while Wiggins suffered a season-entering injury at just about the same time. If there is somewhat of a shallow trade market for Wiggins once again to begin the summer, I can’t help but wonder if the Pistons are a team that is going to poke around and see what the price is for LaVine.

If the Pistons are comfortable with what the price would be and could snag LaVine for perhaps just one future first-round pick and a salary filler, this is the type of deal that I wouldn’t be surprised to see go down. The Pistons should probably take a bit of a step back before they try to take one forward, but this is a franchise that is clearly tired of the losing and wants to make a win-now move this summer.

Is LaVine the perfect target for the Pistons into the offseason? I doubt it, but it wouldn’t be that much of a risk for the Pistons to take a flyer on his talent (if the price is right).