NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 9 trades that would create absolute madness this summer

How chaotic can the 2024 NBA offseason get? Well, these 9 trades would spark absolute mayhem across the league.
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two
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The San Antonio Spurs trade for Brandon Ingram

After a historic rookie season, the San Antonio Spurs are going to enter the offseason with the anticipation of trying to make a big move to surround Victor Wembanyama with a capable supporting cast. Even though the Spurs have a talented young core, this is still a team that remains a few difference-makers away from playing a big role in the Western Conference standings.

While it would be foolish to think that the Spurs can accomplish that over the course of one offseason, this is a team that has the assets and pieces to make a splash move via trade if they so please. One interesting target they could arise not only for the Spurs but for many other teams in the league is Brandon Ingram.

As he prepares to enter the offseason in which he’ll be on an expiring contract, it’ll be interesting to see how he decides to approach this summer. If it becomes clear that Ingram is not going to sign an extension this summer, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if the Pelicans decided to test his trade market. If that does happen this offseason, the Spurs could emerge as an intriguing landing spot.