NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 11 low-profile deadline targets for Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers could explore a low-profile game-changer ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.
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5. Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

For any team looking for help in the backcourt, as the Philadelphia 76ers likely are, Spencer Dinwiddie has to be a name on their radar leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline. As a player in the final year of his contract, Dinwiddie is considered to be a natural trade candidate. For a team like the Sixers, they have to at least explore the possibility of weighing to cost to add Dinwiddie ahead of the deadline.

Dinwiddie isn't having a banner year for the Nets but has proven he's a capable playmaker over the course of his career. He's averaging six assists per game so far this season; he also averaged nine assists per game in the 26 regular-season games he played with the Nets after he was acquired at last year's trade deadline from the Dallas Mavericks. That suggests that Dinwiddie has the capability to be a really good pass-first guard if needed.

The question is, does the Sixers believe he would be a good fit for what they would be looking for in the backcourt next to Tyrese Maxey? At the very least, Dinwiddie has to be on the shortlist of players to potential targets at the deadline.