NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting the 4 most likely landing spots for Dejounte Murray

Predicting where Dejounte Murray lands if moved at the NBA Trade Deadline could be difficult.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting the four most likely landing spots for Dejounte Murray if moved ahead of the trade deadline.

All of a sudden, Dejounte Murray has become one of the biggest names linked to this year's NBA Trade Deadline. As the Atlanta Hawks continue to fade in the Eastern Conference, it does seem like they're ready to make some sort of shake-up to their roster. In the end, that retooling could consist of trading Dejounte Murray.

Less than a month away from the NBA Trade Deadline, we explore four teams that seem like the most likely landing spots for Murray if he in fact does get moved.

San Antonio Spurs

Trading him to the Atlanta Hawks two offseasons ago, the San Antonio Spurs have explored the possibility of re-acquiring Dejounte Murray, according to Shams Charania. As the Spurs prepare to build around Victor Wembanyama, it's not surprising that the team would at least kick tires on the idea of bringing back Murray into the fold. Especially if he can be had for a fraction of the price that the Hawks paid for him.

Murray is a good young player, he knows the Spurs' system and thrived in it. While he may not be a perfect point guard, he could be a solid first step to building around Wemby next season. That said, I still don't believe the Spurs are going to go all-in on this type of fringe star. Not yet.

The Spurs have some figuring out to do when it comes to their core and I can't imagine bringing back Murray is part of their master plan. I don't doubt this report but I think it's safe to say the Spurs are ultimately going to pass on bringing Murray back. But if it did happen, we can't say we're surprised either.