NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting the 4 most likely landing spots for Dejounte Murray

Predicting where Dejounte Murray lands if moved at the NBA Trade Deadline could be difficult.
Atlanta Hawks v Orlando Magic
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Miami Heat

In a vacuum, Dejounte Murray would be an excellent pickup for the Miami Heat. They have a huge need at the point guard position and this is a role that Murray would excel in and one that he truly hasn't played in much since his time with the San Antonio Spurs. Murray seems to be the exact two-way player that the Heat generally targets and he fits the timeframe of Bam Adebayo almost perfectly.

For the Heat, the big question comes down to whether or not they're willing to give up the assets that it will take to acquire Murray from the Atlanta Hawks. It's likely going to take multiple first-round picks and a quality young player, if not Tyler Herro. Deep down, I don't exactly believe the Heat is willing to invest that much in a player that has only made one All-Star and one that may have already reached his peak.

The Heat are likely going to make some calls and explore the market for Murray. However, maybe he's not the target that the team ends up prioritizing at this year's NBA Trade Deadline.