NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting the 4 most likely landing spots for Dejounte Murray

Predicting where Dejounte Murray lands if moved at the NBA Trade Deadline could be difficult.
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New York Knicks

After making the big move for OG Anunoby, the New York Knicks' guard rotation looks like this: Jalen Brunson, Miles McBride, Donte DiVincenzo, and Quentin Grimes. Beyond Brunson, it does leave a bit to be desired - and you can also go on to say that DiVincenzo is more of a stopgap starter at the two-guard position after Grimes failed to take a stranglehold on the role this season. With their rumored interest in Dejounte Murray and their need for another difference-making guard, the Knicks would seem like a plausible landing spot for the 27-year-old guard.

The big question for the Knicks is whether or not they believe that Murray would be a good fit next to Brunson. From a defensive standpoint, Murray is the big guard you want as a player operating next to Brunson. However, on the offensive end of the floor, there are real questions as to whether Murray is capable enough of a player to play almost strictly off-ball.

Ultimately, those are the types of questions that could end up persuading the Knicks away from making the big move for Murray at the deadline. However, as a team with the necessary assets to get a deal done, the Knicks can't be completely overlooked as a potential landing spot for Murray.