NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 13 superstars most likely to be traded by 2024 deadline

There could be several superstars on the move at this year's NBA Trade Deadline.

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4. D'Angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost four games in a row and five of their last six. They've fallen all the way to 10th in the Western Conference standings and if it wasn't clear before, it's looking more and more like they'll need to retool the roster once more if they want to have any shot of competing for a title this season. And if the Lakers do end up making a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline, you'd have to imagine that D'Angelo Russell is going to be included in any deal.

Even in a possible deal for Zach LaVine, Rusell would certainly have to be included. And it's not just because of salary implications, though that would be the case. But dating back to the playoffs last year, Rusell is not a great fit with the Lakers. And this season, he's begun to fade a bit over the last couple of weeks.

Considering that it would be shocking if the Lakers didn't make a sizable move at the trade deadline, you almost have to assume that Russell is a near-lock to be moved at some point over the next few weeks.