NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 13 superstars most likely to be traded by 2024 deadline

There could be several superstars on the move at this year's NBA Trade Deadline.

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3. Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons

What's lost in the Detroit Pistons struggles is the fact that they started the season 2-1. Since then, the Pistons have been a disaster. Detroit has lost 25 straight games and doesn't even have the look of a young team that's trying to figure out themselves. The Pistons look like a team that is beginning to reach its breaking point. And that's not good considering this was the year that many expected this team to take a big step forward in their progression.

While it would be pretty premature for the Pistons to throw in the towel on this team's build, there is one sore thumb sticking out - and that's Bojan Bogdanovic. He's a quality veteran on the roster that deserves to be playing for a contender. I understand the Pistons wanting to keep him on the roster heading into this season with the hope of their young core making an unforeseen leap, but that is now off the table.

When - or if - the Pistons do end up shopping Bogdanovic, which I predict will happen soon, likely before the trade deadline, there should be a strong market for his services. Any and every contender should be looking at ways to add Bogdanovic for the stretch run.