NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 13 superstars most likely to be traded by 2024 deadline

There could be several superstars on the move at this year's NBA Trade Deadline.

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8. Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers

In the early stages of a rebuild, it's not that big of a surprise that the Portland Trail Blazers have gotten off to a rocky start to the season. However, the NBA Trade Deadline will give Portland another opportunity to continue to lean into their new build. One way that they could accomplish that over the next few weeks is by trading Jerami Grant. Even though he just re-signed with the team this past season, he's a veteran difference-maker who would greatly benefit from being on a contender at this point in his career.

Considering how far away the Balzers are from competing again in the Westen Conference, you'd have to assume that Grant is going to be traded at some point in the next 1-2 seasons. The question is whether or not the Blazers would be willing to shop him ahead of this year's NBA Trade Deadline. While I believe there's a chance it could happen, I also don't believe it to be particularly likely considering the recent reporting that has surrounded him.

In a vacuum, Grant would make a lot of sense for many contenders. And I'd imagine many will be at the very least making a call or two. Still, it would be shocking if the Blazers moved him this season.