NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 13 superstars most likely to be traded by 2024 deadline

There could be several superstars on the move at this year's NBA Trade Deadline.
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6. Gordon Hayward, Charlotte Hornets

Looking like a team that is going to find themselves near the top of the NBA Draft Lottery once again, it would be surprising if we didn't see the Charlotte Hornets explore a potential trade of Gordon Hayward ahead of the Deadline. In the final year of his contract with the team, Hayward is the perfect candidate to be traded at the deadline. At this point in his career, Hayward would very much benefit from landing on a contender.

Hayward has been solid so far this season in Charlotte and could play a vital role for a team during the push toward the postseason. As an experienced veteran, Hayward should be moved at some point over the next few weeks. This is the ppoint in the list where we make the shift from players that could be traded to those that should be traded.

As the Hornets look for more minutes for their young core, Hayward is a natural candidate to be on the outside looking in. And let's be perfectly honest, Hayward is not considered a big part of this team's future.