NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 14 least to most realistic trade targets for 76ers

How many realistic trade targets are going to be on the open market for the Philadelphia 76ers this summer?
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3. Jerami Grant and Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers

In what could be considered a package deal, I can't help but wonder if the Philadelphia 76ers are willing to give Joe Cronin and the Portland Trail Blazers a call to see what the ask would be for Jerami Grant and Malcolm Brogdon. If the Sixers aren't able to make a move for one All-Star caliber difference-maker, perhaps they could do the next best thing and acquire two difference-makers for the price of one. Brogdon and Grant are unlikely to make an All-Star team at this point in their respective careers but would seemingly be good fits for the Sixers as they try to build out their championship roster.

Brogdon is the type of combo guard who could make it work alongside Tyrese Maxey. And the same could be said about the versatile Grant when it comes to his potential fit next to Joel Embiid. A core four of Brogdon, Maxey, Grant, and Embiid could rival the type of roster building that has the Boston Celtics on the precipice of an NBA Championship.

If the Sixers miss out on a bigger name, this is the type of package that the Sixers should be willing to consider this offseason.