NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 14 least to most realistic trade targets for 76ers

How many realistic trade targets are going to be on the open market for the Philadelphia 76ers this summer?
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12. Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns

At least for now, the overwhelming belief is that the Phoenix Suns are going to keep their big 3 in place and will try to slightly tweak the roster around them this offseason. In other words, a blockbuster trade likely isn't coming for the Suns this summer. That's a shame considering how great of a fit Kevin Durant would theoretically be for the Philadelphia 76ers. Looking for a dynamic difference-making wing that has playoff experience, KD would be an iconic move for the Sixers this offseason.

However, at least for now, I have a hard time envisioning the Suns hitting the eject button on their big 3 after just one season. That said, The Sixers are likely going to be one of the teams that give the Suns a call this summer. Maybe Sixers general manager Daryl Morey can sweeten the offer just enough to get the Suns to engage.

It may not seem like a realistic ask for the Sixers at the moment but let's not forget, a lot can change in an instant during the NBA offseason. And if KD does suddenly become available, the Sixers might be one of the better situations for him.