NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 14 least to most realistic trade targets for 76ers

How many realistic trade targets are going to be on the open market for the Philadelphia 76ers this summer?
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8. Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat

Since being eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs at the hands of the Boston Celtics in a somewhat humiliating manner, the noise surrounding a potential Jimmy Butler trade has only grown louder and louder. Over the last few days, the mock trades for Jimmy have only multiplied. Whether or not the Miami Heat would be willing to trade Jimmy this summer remains to be seen. However, with just one year remaining on his contract, and with the Heat in no hurry to offer him a contract extension, the perfect storm could arise for a team like the Philadelphia 76ers.

Heading into the NBA summer, the Sixers are going to be looking for a dynamic wing with two-way ability that has a history of performing well in the playoffs. If that doesn't describe Jimmy to a T, I'm not sure what will.

With there already being whispers that the Sixers would be interested in a Jimmy trade, it only makes sense for this possibility to be considered at least a somewhat likely option for Philadelphia.