NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 14 least to most realistic trade targets for 76ers

How many realistic trade targets are going to be on the open market for the Philadelphia 76ers this summer?
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Play-In Tournament
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7. Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Heading into the NBA offseason, there's an overwhelming belief that the Atlanta Hawks are going to end up trading one of their big-name stars. Even though there have been recent whispers that Trae Young is the player that the Hawks are more likely to move, a trade of Dejounte Murray can't completely be off the table heading into the summer. Especially if it is the trade that will bring the biggest return for the Hawks. In that event, the Sixers should very much be interested in a potential deal for Murray.

From a pure basketball perspective, Murray is the better fit next to Tyrese Maxey. As a dynamic two-way player, Murray has proven himself over the last couple of seasons as a worthy All-Star-level talent. Even though the Hawks have left much to be desired during the last couple of seasons, Murray could very much benefit from a change of scenario.

Plus, playing next to two players as dynamic and talented as Maxey and Joel Embiid could go a long way in helping Murray get his career back on track. The question is, would the Sixers be willing to go all-in on Murray?