NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

Which teams can make the best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell?
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76ers Mitchell

6. Philadelphia 76ers

On paper, it's easy to see how the Philadelphia 76ers could emerge as a natural potential landing spot for Donovan Mitchell. However, there are a few concerns that could come to mind. First, from a pure basketball standpoint, there's no guarantee that a back quart of Tyrese Maxey and Mitchell would work perfectly. Because of that, there could already be some reservations from the Sixers' side.

For a moment, let's assume that isn't something that would prevent a deal from taking place. Because of how the Sixers have cleared their cap heading into the offseason, Mitchell would likely have to be traded into Philadelphia's cap space. In exchange, the Sixers could send three future first-round picks to Cleveland.

The big question is whether three future first-round picks are worth trading for a player who doesn't fit perfectly for Philadelphia. For Cleveland, are three future first-round picks better than potential rotation pieces that could help the team remain competitive right away? Even though the idea of Mitchell seems great for the Sixers, they may not be the best trade partner for Cleveland.