NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

Which teams can make the best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell?
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Knicks Mitchell Trade

5. New York Knicks

If a pursuit of Donovan Mitchell were to come to fruition, the New York Knicks would have plenty of the same concerns that a team like the Philadelphia 76ers would have. There's no guarantee that Mitchell would fit perfectly next to Jalen Brunson, who is likely going to be in consideration for a huge contract extension himself this summer. But even if the next still wanted to pursue Mitchell, despite the fit concerns, they do have a strong package that they could build to send to Cleveland.

It would begin with three future first-round picks, Bojan, Bogdanovic, and Mitchell Robinson as the core parts of this deal. The Knicks no longer have a premier young trade piece that they could send to Cleveland and that kind of hinders this potential deal from taking place.

Even though the Cavs would welcome a plethora of first-round picks in exchange for Mitchell, they're also going to value ready-to-contribute rotation pieces in any offer. The Knicks don't have a ton of those tradable pieces on their roster anymore after making the big move for OG Anunoby.