NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

Which teams can make the best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven
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Heat Mitchell trade

3. Miami Heat

Much like many other teams on this list, the Miami Heat are going to be highly interested in making a move for Donovan Mitchell if he were to become available this offseason. While the Heat may not have the plethora of future first-round picks that some of the other teams on this list have, they do have two tradable future first-round picks and theoretically a third because they could trade the rights to the No. 15 overall selection in the 2024 NBA Draft once it's made.

In addition to those three "picks," the Heat could also add Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Nikola Jovic to any package (along with a salary filler, perhaps Tyler Herro). Jaquez and Jovic make sense as two players that would fit almost perfectly with the Cavs' current core.

If Cleveland was looking for a package that could help the team remain highly competitive while also adding a couple of picks for the future, the Heat's offer may not be as terrible as some believe it to be. I suppose the biggest question revolves around what the Cavs think of Jaquez and Jovic.