NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 Superstars from least to most likely to demand trade next

As we head into the offseason, is there another slate of superstars preparing to demand a trade next?
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NBA Trade Rumors: Every offseason, there's generally a superstar that demands a trade. Which superstars are most likely to be the next to set the league on fire?

Like clockwork, it seems that every offseason, there's a new NBA superstar who either demands a trade or finds their way to the trade block. I can't envision that being any different this summer. The question is, without a natural no-brainer candidate, which superstar is going to be the player that demands a trade next?

In an attempt to try and predict how the offseason will begin to unfold when it comes to the trade market, we rank seven superstars from least to most likely to demand a trade next.

7. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Even though I fully expect Stephen Curry to finish his career with the Golden State Warriors, with the way the team has underperformed in back-to-back seasons, I also don't believe it's completely off the table for him to demand a trade. Curry is nearing the twilight of his career and if he wants to win another championship, there's a strong case to be made that he'll have the best opportunity to do so on another team.

The Warriors' core is quickly aging and the players that were supposed to keep this team young aren't exactly living up to those expectations. There's a scenario in which both the team and Curry would benefit from a trade. Again, this is a highly unlikely scenario to unfold but at this point, a Curry trade has to be on the radar heading into the offseason.