NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 Superstars from least to most likely to demand trade next

As we head into the offseason, is there another slate of superstars preparing to demand a trade next?
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6. Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

I may be a bit early with this claim but I believe there's a chance that Luka Doncic could grow a bit impatient with the Dallas Mavericks' build. They made the bold move of acquiring Kyrie Irving at last year's NBA Trade Deadline and then made a sign-and-trade deal for Grant Williams during the offseason. Both of those headlining moves haven't worked out swimmingly for the Mavs. If Dallas endures an early playoff exit and then doesn't manage to drastically improve the roster this summer, the whispers are going to naturally begin to arise. With Doncic at the center of them all.

I don't believe we'll see much of that this offseason but it wouldn't be a surprise if we weren't far off from that narrative beginning to grow. Luka has gotten the big payday, now he probably wants to win. If the Mavs can't offer him that, it wouldn't be the most surprising thing for him to begin exploring other pathways.

There's officially a non-zero chance that Luka begins to put the pressure on the Mavs. If they don't handle the pressure, perhaps demanding a trade could be the next step for the superstar.