NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 Superstars from least to most likely to demand trade next

As we head into the offseason, is there another slate of superstars preparing to demand a trade next?

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3. Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers

Heading into the offseason, Donovan Mitchell is one of those superstar players that nearly every eye will be on. With just one year remaining on his contract after this season, if Mitchell doesn't end up signing an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, there's no question that it will bring plenty of distraction for the team in 2024–25.

The big question is whether the Cavs are willing to take that risk. At least for now, based on the recent reporting and speculation, it doesn't feel as if Mitchell is going to sign an extension this summer. From all indications, Mitchell wants to test free agency or at the very least have the power to sign with whichever team he wants after next season - whether that's with the Cavs or another franchise.

Mitchell doesn't seem like the type of player to demand a trade but there's a scenario in which the Cavs and Mitchell sit down this offseason and come to an agreement in which a trade makes sense for both sides. In that case, it could very much qualify as a Mitchell "trade demand."