NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 8 least to most plausible trade targets for Lakers

Beginning to look at a few potential trade options for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the offseason.
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7. Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

Even though the Brooklyn Nets have resisted the temptation to trade Mikal Bridges for a huge offer on the open market, I still believe there's going to be an outside chance that it will all come to fruition this summer. There's a very real chance that the Nets miss out on Donovan Mitchell or another star player via trade, which is likely their priority heading into the offseason. If that does end up happening, the Nets may have no other option than to seriously consider trading Bridges this summer.

With just two years remaining on his contract, the Nets' front office is on the clock. They must sell Bridges in the future and if they aren't able to do that, rebuilding the roster can't be completely off the table. There's at least a non-zero chance that Bridges gets shopped this summer and if he does, the Los Angeles Lakers would likely be interested.

It would take a lot for the Nets to part ways with Bridges and the Lakers may not have enough draft capital to get a deal done, but they'd be among the interested teams this offseason.