NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 8 least to most plausible trade targets for Lakers

Beginning to look at a few potential trade options for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the offseason.
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6. Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns

At least for now, the Phoenix Suns aren't in a place where they'd be open to trading Kevin Durant. However, as we've seen time and time before, things can change quickly in the NBA. And because there's a small chance that the Suns could reverse courses this offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers should have Durant on their trade radar. Adding KD to a core of LeBron James and Anthony Davis would make a ton of sense, and would make a great story heading into the start of next season.

The Suns don't have much future flexibility and two future first-round picks from the Lakers in the post-LeBron years could prove to be appealing to a team like the Suns. Again, the Suns would have to be sold on such a move. But, if that were to happen, the Lakers could be huge beneficiaries.

KD and LeBron finishing their careers together would be quite the story. In the end, this seems more NBA 2K than reality. However, because of their respective situations, it also can't be completely discounted.