NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 8 least to most plausible trade targets for Lakers

Beginning to look at a few potential trade options for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the offseason.
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1. Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

At least in my opinion, I still firmly believe that the most realistic or plausible All-Star target that the Los Angeles Lakers will have heading into the offseason is Trae Young. In the end, I believe he makes too much sense for the Lakers to punt on. He's going to be relatively cheap compared to other big names that may hit the trade market and would be an ideal fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. If the Lakers were to land Young this summer, they'd immediately emerge as a real player in the Western Conference next season.

Young is also still just 25 years old and would give the Lakers a strong piece they could build around when LeBron walks away. What the Lakers would have to like most about a potential trade of Young is that they would be able to acquire their All-Star target while keeping plenty of depth around their big 3.

As we've seen this season, if a team is going to win a championship, they're going to need more than a big 3. Teams need depth around their star players to be considered real NBA title contenders. And the Lakers could feature just that next season if they make the right move this summer. Maybe Young ends up being that move for Los Angeles.

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