NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 9 bold offseason trade targets for Los Angeles Lakers

As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, we take an early look at a few potential bold trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking eight bold offseason trade targets that could arise for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead of taking a step forward this season, after making a run to the Western Conference Finals last year, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't improved all that much, if at all. The Lakers are going to have to earn their way into the NBA Playoffs via the Play-In Tournament and even if they do, they're going to be underdogs no matter who they draw in the first round.

Heading into the offseason, the Lakers need to add an All-Star talent next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis if they have any shot to win another NBA Championship in the foreseeable future. With some bold candidates heading into the offseason, we rank nine pipe dream trade targets for the Lakers as they attempt to continue to build around LeBron and AD.

9. Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

Would it be that crazy to think that the Los Angeles Lakers could circle back to their previous interest in Zach LaVine? When it was originally reported that the Chicago Bulls were going to shop him on the trade market, the Lakers became an almost immediate suitor. However, if the Lakers were that interested in LaVine, he'd probably already be on the roster. I'd imagine the Lakers are going to explore some other options and if they strike out on those other fronts, there's at least a small chance they kick tires on LaVine again.

Theoretically, LaVine could potentially thrive in Los Angeles as a third option next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, it would have to be in an ideal scenario for the team. For as good of a player as LaVine still is, I'm not sure he's going to be the Lakers' No. 1 option heading into the offseason.