NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 9 bold offseason trade targets for Los Angeles Lakers

As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, we take an early look at a few potential bold trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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6. Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Dating back to this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, Dejounte Murray emerged as a popular trade target for many teams across the league. The Los Angeles Lakers happened to be one of them. Even though the Lakers ultimately weren't willing to meet the asking price of the Atlanta Hawks in a trade for Murray, you'd have to imagine that he could reemerge on the Lakers' trade radar at some point this offseason.

If the asking price is still two future first-round picks, that's something that the Lakers could easily meet this summer. If the Lakers believe that Murray is an All-Star talent that could potentially put the team over the top in the West, this is a move that they are likely to explore once again without hesitation.

Even though Murray seems like a good candidate as a two-way difference-maker, I'd still have a hard time believing that he's going to be at the top of their wish list this offseason. But in the right scenario this summer, there's a chance Murray could end up on the Lakers.